4 Lots Side by Side In Elko County

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  • Posted: 19/11/2020 4:46 pm

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This property is the right choice for so many uses.  4 Lots side by side!! Living off grid gives you independence you seek while not isolating you from the possibility of getting supplies and from bigger communities.  Elko is only about 13 miles away and I80 is about 3 miles.  If you just want to get away but not have to fend for your self all year, how about some camping?  Bring your RV or pitch a tent.  Why pay all those entrance fees every time you want to take the family out camping?  Off Roading and 4X4’s, did you know there is 4X4 Trail access just a few miles up Coal Mine Rd at Coal Mine Canyon?  What would you do with this property?  there are so many ways to enjoy this land.

County Elko
Deed Type Warranty
Lots 4
Parcel 011-108-071, 011-108-072, 011-108-081, 011-108-082
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